Ursa Major is a HEMA / Historical Fencing and medieval interest group based in Perth, Western Australia. We train to hone our skills in a range of disciplines, including longsword, messer, dagger, and sword & buckler. In addition to training in a variety of weapon systems, and hosting and competing in local, national, & international tournaments - we also perform at public & private events, including medieval fayres, school demonstrations, parties, and more.

We train Tuesday and Thursday evenings at Stirling Community Centre located within the Charles Riley Memorial Reserve in North Beach - and Saturday mornings at the Wembley Downs Scout Hall.

To find out what we're up to right now, check out our Facebook and Instagram pages, or get in touch if you want to come and check out what we do.

Session details

Tuesdays, 6.30pm - 8.30pm

Dagger, messer, sword & buckler

Diversity of skill and adaptability are key to becoming a formidable fighter. To this end we undertake a new weapon system each trimester. Our current roster is:

This session is held at 7a Kitchener St, North Beach.

Thursdays, 6.30pm - 8.30pm


As longsword is our primary weapon, we study this year round. While we regularly deep-dive into some of the more advanced or particular techniques, we frequently come back to the basics in order to maintain a solid foundation.

As we practice longsword year-round, the content can be quite a bit more complex than what we cover on Tuesday nights. To make sure no-one finds themselves in over their heads, we also run longsword intake courses periodically throughout the year. If you already have experience in longsword fencing, you can probably skip the intake and jump straight in – if you don’t, get in touch and we’ll let you know when our next intake kicks off. If you’re unsure, drop us a line.

This session is held at 7a Kitchener St, North Beach.

Saturdays, 10am - 11am

Ringen, British sabre, Polish sabre

As with our Tuesday sessions, the content of our Saturday sessions rotates each trimester, giving our members the opportunity to experience a number of weapon systems and broaden their skillset. Our current roster is:

This session is held at the 1st Wembley Downs Scout Hall.

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