The Ursa Major tournament team

Developing versatile, capable, and formidable fighters is a core focus at UMHA - to this end we hold regular club tournaments and attend as many national tournaments as we can. These are golden opportunities to pressure-test what we do, challenge our practices, and fill gaps in our knowledge by interacting with other fighters. To complement our tournament focus, we thought it fitting to have a tournament mascot.

We had some amazing design concepts delivered to us as part of our branding exercise, and we loved one of them so much that it became our battle-bear! Enter The Major, leader of our tournament team! As is probably clear by now, we love our puns here at UMHA, and these amazing names were the result of pun-offs between our members - super serious stuff.

In order to win the right to wear The Major's patch, a member must represent UMHA at a national or international tournament, and face three unbearable tasks:

  • A bear pit - a continuous 30 minute fight with a fresh opponent every 2 minutes
  • A bear hug - a tender (and exceptionally sweaty) embrace from the bear pit participants. All of them. At the same time.
  • A bear roar - recite The Major's creed, to remind the member of the qualities we aim to embody

With these tasks overcome, a member joins our tournament team and can fight bearing The Major (below).


The Major