As we train primarily with steel weapons, it is necessary to add layers of protection when sparring, as well as for some of the more intense drills.

At a minimum we recommend head and hand protection for drills, but for sparring you will also need torso, knee, shin and groin protection.

Advanced students require the above kit as well as the following:

  • Fencing mask must have back of the head protection
  • Torso protection (fencing jacket, gambeson or cuirass)
  • HEMA/WMA gloves with rigid protection along the top of the hand in a gauntlet fashion such as those supplied by SPES, Sparring Gloves or Absolute Force
  • Neck protection either from a fencing jacket or a gorget
  • Knee and Shin protection (Motocross knee/shin guards or HEMA specific knee and shin guards)
  • Elbow and Forearm protection either from a fencing jacket/gambeson or from a combination of vambraces and elbow cops

With a full kit, members can participate in high intensity sparring and drilling in a safe manner.